Hello, My name is Patrick J Momany.

The owner and founder of Marketing Veracity Professionals, of which Bellingham SEO Services is a member of.

To excel in SEO | SEM | Internet Marketing and Website Design one MUST be thoroughly trained in its art form and science. I am a student of Network Empire - the Premier, World Renowned Certification Program in the World.

Red-shirt-coatI was first introduced to SEO in 1999 and much has changed since then. This is the reason for my continual education, so that I can provide my clients with the latest technology to keep them safely ranked. Think about it...would you rather have surgery by a 60 year old surgeon that stopped learning 40 years ago, by a young surgeon just out of school with no experience? I am that 60 year old surgeon who has continued his education to bring you the latest technology with the most experience….this is what Bellingham SEO Services provides you with.

In February of 2008 I made my first trip to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany to bring a taste of BBQ to our wounded troops. I continued traveling to LRMC, twice a year until January 2012. And have hopes to return again soon. While there I joined the American Legion Post GR01 of which I am a current member.

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